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Not just for drinking with! Check out what else can be done with my straws!

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Marshmallow Pops

These fun Marshmallow pops are so easy to make! Just grab a handful of chunky marshmallows in a colour of your choice (we think white works perfectly for this), push a straw into one side and dip the other side of the marshmallow into a bowl of melted choclate and roll in hundreds and thousands or whatever pretty topping you can find. Voila!!

Photo courtesy of Not Sweet Enough

Crazy Cookies

We all love a nice fresh glass of milk right? Well if your little (or not so little) ones are not such a fan, then how about throwing a cookie into the mix? Grab a set of mini glass bottles, make a hole in the centre of a chocolate chip cookie and pop the straw through. Perfect for a bedtime treat. Yummy!


Fruit Dippers

Here at Paper Straw we think that summer is on it's way! So to celebrate, how about a tasty strawberry or two dipped in some gooey chocolate? Don't stop at strawberries though, let your fruity imagination run wild!

Cake Pops

A twist on Marshmallow pops, these are just as easy to make. Grab your self a cake pop mould and once you've baked some yummy cakes, just pop a straw in and coat in melted chocloate and toppings of your choice! Mmmmmm

Cake pops #paperstrawpartyshop #paperstr


Who would have thought you could make a quirky necklace or bracelet from straws! So easy, just cut up some of our pretty floral straws (or grab some Candy Cane straws for a simple design) and thread on to a piece of cord or ribbon. Done!

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